Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Advent Calendar

While it may seem that I am crafty, because I am slowly organizing my "craft room", I really am a newbie when it comes to things that require scissors and glue. I usually stick to making things that come in a kit, and that have directions... such as a cross stitch kit, or a paint by number type project. The farthest I have ventured away from prepackaged crafts is to make a wreath or two. I have been wanting to change that lately, and organizing my room was the first step. Step two was today when I discovered my new favorite store... Joann's super store! So much better organized than the Michael's near my house. And there were actual employees around to ask a question or two. Oh, I can see myself getting into plenty of trouble at this store...

I went in with a plan... to gather items to make an advent calendar for Christmas. This would be an even better project if I had a kid, but I'll figure out a way to make it fun for my husband and myself. Now I did not come up with this idea on my own... no that is what pinterest is for. But I saw an advent calendar made from a muffin tin, and thought that it was probably something I could handle. And I must say, although it is far from perfect, I LOVE how it turned out. It was a fun project that allowed me to practice using a paper cutter, as well as these fun things that punch out shapes. (I don't even know what these things are called!) And, since each day is magnetic, the "doors" can be removed and I will get to use the mini muffin tin year round, so that is a plus!

So what you need for this little project is a mini muffin tray, magnetic sheets, decorative paper, some stickers and decorations, and glue. I found a paper cutter very helpful, but if you have a steady hand, I guess it wouldn't be necessary. I also enjoyed using the paper punches. They were on sale, so I got a circle and a Christmas tree one.

I cut my decorative paper and the magnetic sheets into 2 & 1/2 inch squares and glued them together.

These were then easily applied to the muffin tin, each one covering a hole. I trimmed the corner pieces a bit, to make it look a bit better.

Then, the fun part of decorating each day. This is when I decided that I love paper punches.

Look at how it came out!! 

Not bad for my first attempt at something so crafty!! I think I will use a plate stand to display it in on my kitchen counter. Now I just need to decide what each day should hold. I'm thinking maybe my husband and I can alternate days, and fill every other day with either a treat, or maybe write down a holiday activity to do together. In any case,  I'm very happy with my new advent calendar!


  1. You need a cricut machine!!!! The possibilities are endless.

  2. ^^THat comment was supposed to be for the cookies...lol

  3. SO cute! I thought Joann's was just fabric and sewing stuff so I have never ventured in.

  4. Very cute idea! Read your bio. I was married for 10 years before becoming pregant. I had my first at 30, my second at 32 and my last at 36. hang in there! New follower.

  5. Thank you so much for linking up your lovely project at Get Schooled Saturday. We will be open for business again Friday night-Sunday night!
    Kim @ Too Much Time


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