Thursday, November 24, 2011

Peppermint Wreath

Well Thanksgiving is over, which means Christmas is coming! How does this happen? Every year it seems as though the holidays come faster and faster! Must be because I am getting older and older. Thanksgiving weekend is when my husband and I traditionally get out our Christmas decor and start decking the halls. This year I decided to make a few things including the previously posted advent calendar. My next project involved a glue gun and candy-- A peppermint wreath!! Doesn't that just sound adorable?

I bought a styrofoam wreath and covered it in red ribbon and then proceeded to hot glue on a bunch of red starlight peppermints, with an occasional green one thrown in there for whimsy. The green ones, by the way, are delicious!

It actually turned out really cute. Finally, I tied a bow with some fancy ribbon and glued it in place as well. I need to work on my bow tying skills, but it isn't too bad.

So I have this really cute wreath covered in peppermints. But I didn't plan ahead and figure out how to hang the thing. So if you decide to make this, perhaps add some sort of hanging device onto the styrofoam before you cover it in ribbon and mints! Also if you are planning to hang it outside, I would think you would want to paint it with some sort of sealant so it won't melt. I'm planning on hanging it indoors... if I can figure out how.


  1. Super cute! Looks very Martha! Do you make a new wreath each year? Mine is about 10 years old and I am thinking of making a new one but am waiting for the inspiration to hit.


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