Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall Leaves

While California might not match the east coast in terms of fall color, I still marvel at the beauty of fall. The colors are amazing, and who doesn't remember the joy of jumping into a pile of leaves as a child. A walk around the neighborhood on a beautiful fall afternoon is a great pick me up...

There is something about the fresh crisp air and the crunch of those leaves that is pure happiness...

The days are going by fast... soon it will be rainy and cold and the trees will be bare. This was a perfect day to take the pug for a walk and remember the joy of walking through the leaves.

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  1. I love fall! And yes, when I think of fal, I think of the years I lived in upstate New York as a kid. But, when the colors start changing here, it's still beautiful and still provides great crunchy leaves to step on and shuffle through! :> Thanks for sharing your colorful pics...makes me want to head outside now!


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