Monday, November 28, 2011

Easy Oreo Brownies

Look at these ingredients... 

See anything you like? What if you put all those ingredients into one brownie? You get oreo heaven!

It couldn't be easier... follow the directions on your favorite brownie mix box, but omit the water. Instead of the water you will be adding about 1/2 cup of cookies and cream ice cream and 1/4 cup of fudge syrup. After you mix those ingredients together pour half of the batter into a greased square baking pan, and then put a layer of oreo cookies on top of the batter.

Then pour the rest of the batter on top and bake as directed on the box. You won't be sorry.

I found this amazing oreo idea on pinterest


  1. What? My mind can't wrap around all the amazingness happening in one little brownie! I had a brownie with a mint oreo in the middle and it was mind blowing! I can imagine this would be even tastier!


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