Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clutter, clutter, clutter...

Clutter can be so overwhelming. I feel as though clutter causes me to be lazy. Everywhere I look around my house I can find something in desperate need of organization. My closet, under the bathroom sink, my pantry, and don't even get me started on the garage. It is time to get organized. It shouldn't be that hard if I just pick one thing every couple of days and focus. Today I chose my spice cabinet. Now, I kind of copped out here, because really the cabinet itself wasn't that bad.

But I am in need of a system to get organized, and I thought this small project would be  good place to figure out what that system would be. So my first step was to empty the whole thing so I could see what I had, and also figure out what was so old that there was no way it could enhance any of my cooking.

Next step was to clean the actual shelf... and wow did it need some cleaning. Threw out what was outdated... I had some dill weed (which I don't know that I have ever used) dated 2006. Whoa. 

But the hard part was figuring out how to organize what I had left. After staring at my mess for a bit, I just decided to use a three tiered shelf and put the spices back alphabetically. Liquid extracts and food colorings were grouped together on the side. I still feel like there should be a better way. But it looks nice and clean, and I think it will be easier to find things.

Now that my spices are organized it's time to bake something!


  1. Wanna come do mine???? I can't even imagine how old some of the spices are! But your post are inspiring!

  2. Thanks Mindy! I felt kind of silly blogging about my spices. haha!! But it really does feel good to organize! Expect to see more of these type of posts from me.


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