Friday, October 21, 2011

Thoughts at 2:45 am

Awake again at 2:45 am... fretting away. Thankful it is Friday. Bummed I had to sit in a huge traffic jam for almost two hours. Guilty for being annoyed at that, when obviously others were in a much worse situation having caused the traffic jam. Wondering why PJ is jingling around downstairs. Hopeful the Sharks can pull off a win this afternoon. Missing my husband who is away till tomorrow. Excited to see my friend from New York for breakfast this morning... at 7am. Grateful for a friend who is willing to meet me for breakfast so early. Sensitive to every little sound due to the two earthquakes yesterday. Wondering if I'll have a full staff at work today. Already dreading work on Sunday, yet I have Saturday off to enjoy. Remembering I have to call my mother. I have to get to the gym. I am getting older...

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  1. Well your blog is helping me out in my early morning restlessness today! But it's not putting me to sleep ;)


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